We are built on the foundational values of an overwatch mission. An overwatching unit is responsible for achieving the tactically superior position of the high ground, in order to protect the larger force. This vital mission of Force Protection requires unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of the larger force. Extreme dedication to this mission becomes an integral part of a veteran's service mindset, and it stays with us when we transition back into civilian life. We are driven to work with small and mid-sized businesses to protect their most valuable assets and strengthen their ability to respond to adversity. We view CyberSecurity as a war where the good guys have to get everything right every day, and the bad guys only have to win once. Success depends on leadership. Transformational leadership.No one can guarantee that they'll prevent a cyber incident. Trusted partnerships are an essential part of improving cyber resiliency. With our unique experience and training, we know the potential that exists when good people work together to protect good things. This how we were trained, and it's the mission that still drives us every day.