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What Is Red Teaming And Why Do I Need It?
Cybersecurity is a team sport that requires a multi-disciplinary approach.
Hammer and Tongs: The Blue Team is responsible for IT Operations.  A Red Team is an independent group that tests the security posture of your organization to see how it will fair against real-time attacks – before they actually happen. Red Teams review People, Process, and Technology from the perspective of the attacker to expose risks, vulnerabilities, and critical flaws. Like hammer and tongs, each team serves as a powerful force, but using one without the other can result in disaster. Even the best Blue Team can’t test their own security.
Have you assembled the right team to protect you and your organization?
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Dramatically Improve Your Security Posture
By Rethinking It From The Attacker’s Perspective
Approach Matters
Our Approach
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Highground Cyber is a veteran owned business. We are built on the foundational values of an overwatch mission.  An overwatching unit is responsible for achieving the tactically superior position of high ground, in order to secure the larger force.

This vital mission of Force Protection requires unwavering dedication to the safety and wellbeing of the larger force.   Extreme dedication to this mission becomes an integral part of a veteran’s service mindset, and it stays with us when we transition back into civilian life. 

We are driven to work with small and mid-sized businesses to protect their most valuable assets and strengthen their ability to respond to adversity.  We view cybersecurity as a war where the good guys have to get everything right every day, and the bad guys only need to win once.  Success depends on leadership.  Transformational leadership.

No one can guarantee that they’ll prevent a cyber incident. Trusted partnerships are an essential part of improving cyber resiliency. With our unique experience and training, we know the potential that exists when good people work together to protect good things.  It’s how we were trained, and it’s the mission that still drives us every day.

our approach
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Highground Cyber’s methodology provides a measurable approach to securing your business’s information.  The process begins by working closely with your c-suite to diagnose your organization’s policy, financial, and technology risk posture, and continues with a transformational roadmap that closes the security gaps with recommendations around your people process and technologies. Your Cybersecurity program is not a “set it  & forget it” effort.  Our Virtual Red Team is designed to come alongside your C-suite and IT operations to improve your resilience by managing ongoing risks and threats.

Prognosis without Diagnosis is by Definition Malpractice
Transforming your Cybersecurity Posture
Security or Resilience: What is your Goal?
The Unknown Unknowns are the greatest challenge most SMB C-Suites confront in dealing with the issue of Cybersecurity.  Less that 30% of Small & Mid Market companies have a relationship with a Cybersecurity Professional and over 75% said they don’t know what to do about their Cyber Risk. 
We can help.  Highground Cyber has several award winning Assessment and Diagnostic platforms to help quantify the Policy, Financial, and Technical elements of your Cybersecurity Posture.  Once we’ve worked with you to analyze and understand your situation, HGC creates a strategy to transform your Security posture with a customized roadmap for security, governance and resilience designed for your specific industry, business model and risk tolerance.
Transformation is defined as thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.   That type of change requires leadership.  Transformational Leadership must know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and most importantly, WHY they are doing it.  In a survey 87% of SMB CEO’s said they lack the program and project management resources to roll-out important initiatives.  The Highground team is here to help.
Our wholistic approach builds realistic solutions based on what we call the, “Three Checkbooks.”  Financial Resources, Political Capital, and Change Capacity.  Tools & Training costs money.  Policy and behavior changes will require leaders to spend political capital, and every organization has a pace at which they can absorb change effectively.  We know every organization has difference balances in each of these checkbooks that will effect how their Cyber security program will be transformed.  The Highground team can help you move past implementation to real transformation.

Improving your CyberSecurity posture is an important goal, but we believe that the ultimate goal for each company is resilience.  Nothing can be made perfectly safe and secure. When the inevitable incident occurs, your capacity to respond and recover is what matters most.   Too many programs are building a solution that is “Robust but Fragile” when the real goal needs to be “Resilient & Flexible.”

The Highground virtual red team approach is focused on helping you build your organizational capacity to respond and recover through proactive planning and managed services that compliment your IT Operations team and existing business continuity investments.  

Our Services
Cyber Awareness
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Ken speaks on the topic of cyber security awareness for organizations and conferences nationally and internationally educating Boards of Directors, CEOs, and small business owners on security threats and the role and responsibility of business leadership in cybersecurity.

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