Designed for the Small and Mid Market Business
Designed for the Small and Mid Market Business

Highground Cyber offers an approach to Cybersecurity and Privacy designed by the SMB for the SMB. We’ve fractionalized the people, the process and the technology needed for a complete Cybersecurity and Privacy program. One fully integrated Cyber and Privacy solution, united with a working partnership we call Purple Teaming. From assessment to threat and attack surface management, aligned with Governance Risk, and Compliance, inside an engine of collaboration and reporting…it’s all here for less than you’d think.

With Information - Comes Choice



"There is a responsibility that comes with being a credible source of information. In cyber, being diplomatic about the dangers midmarket companies face can be a lie of omission that encourages complacency. My job is to make this issue easier to understand, not easier to swallow…“

-Ken Barnhart, CEO of Highground Cyber

Awareness is a prerequisite of Proactivity. Without Awareness There is no Choice. All that is left is reaction to circumstances or the plans of others. It all starts at the top, executive awareness is the critical first step in implementing every cyber security program. Keeping the SMB C-suite “up to speed” on the complex cyber and privacy landscape is crucial and reduces the threat of The Unknown Unknown in strategic decision making. Tactical and Operational Awareness is also vital for excellence in execution and making sure that precious resources are not wasted on non-priority items. Highground provides resources and solutions that improve the Cyber Awareness at every level of your organization, creating more clarity, enabling better decision making and focused action.

Best Speaker We've Had In Over 15 Years!

"Cybersecurity can be a scary and complicated topic, but Ken’s presentation was so informative, insightful, & inspirational. Ken is a great storyteller that makes things engaging & easy to understand. Our members gave his presentation the only perfect score we have recorded in over 15 years!"

- Jim, Vistage Chair



Highground Cyber’s award winning Smart & Safe Assessment is an affordable, comprehensive, cross-functional view to help quantify the Policy, Financial, and Technical elements of your Cybersecurity posture. This is where the journey to cyber resilience and privacy compliance begins.

Prognosis without Diagnosis is Malpractice. Establishing a clear understanding of your organizations current Cybersecurity & Privacy posture is the logical beginning of your organizations journey to Resilience. Highground Cyber’s award winning Smart & Safe Assessment provides a Software Enabled, detailed, multi-disciplined, cost-efficient, evaluations, supplying valuable insight into your organizations posture and compliance. If your program is more mature, you may be ready to engage in more rigorous testing like a Penetration Test or Red Team Exercise. Regardless of where your organization is at in its journey, Highground Cyber can provide you an unbiased and unflinching account of your cyber posture.

Get Access to Elite Practitioners

"The Highground team has guided us through the unprecedented changes in the Cybersecurity and privacy landscape brilliantly. Working with Ken and his team is like being in the care of a World Class Surgeon. They skillfully diagnose all of the issues and ramifications and talk us through our options in non technical language, with a business awareness, and occasional levity. Ken and his team, have a bedside manner that reduces fear and inspires confidence and we appreciate their faithful partnership."

- Jay, CFO of FOTH



Our Virtual Red Team + Ridgeline Platform solution was designed from the ground up to help SMB’s address cybersecurity and privacy issues in one flexible, affordable, and effective package. For less than the cost of one internal employee, you gain access to a broad range of Cybersecurity and Privacy professionals, tools and processes for a complete program.

Compliance is not resilience, nor is it security. Many who are 100% compliant fall victim to cybersecurity incidents and financial losses. Organizational resiliency is a strategic objective -not an amalgamation of one-off tools- or disconnected projects and is the central tenet of any Cybersecurity program. A Cybersecurity strategy that is focused on Loss Prevention will have a different level of Program investment and rigor then a Cyber Strategy of Competitive advantage that is looking to take market share away from weaker competitors who are cyber illiterate. Structure follows strategy and Highground has the unique combination of Cyber Talent, a Program Platform, and Intellectual property to support wherever you land on that strategic continuum.

A Unique Plan Created For Our Business

"We experienced several costly cyber incidents and had lost confidence in our outsourced MSP, so we reached out to Ken and the Highground team. They completed an excellent assessment and built out a multi-year program plan that included assistance with in-sourcing our IT function. After 18 months of working with Highground in the Purple Teaming model, we have made tremendous progress. Thanks to the Highground Team for zero loss events!"

- Steve Vitale, President of Midwest Industrial Supply

This subject of protecting our nation’s SMB ecosystem is rooted in our deep appreciation for business and the risk the owners and CEOs take to stake their reputations, retirements and financial assets to provide 50% of our nation’s payroll. These businesses and their leadership are worth our very best.

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We are driven to work with small and mid-sized businesses to protect their most valuable assets and strengthen their ability to respond to adversity. We view Cybersecurity as a war where the good guys have to get everything right every day, and the bad guys only have to win once. Success depends on leadership. Transformational leadership. No one can guarantee that they'll prevent a cyber incident. Trusted partnerships are an essential part of improving cyber resiliency. With our unique experience and training, we know the potential that exists when good people work together to protect good things.