A Virtual Red Team

Narrowing the Cyber Talent Gap for SMBs

The SMB space is ground zero for the impact of the Cyber Talent Gap.

73% of SMB companies have no access to cybersecurity professionals, the result of this restricted access to talent is an SMB ecosystem that is shockingly vulnerable. Over half of all cyber-attacks focus on SMB companies, and there was a 424% increase in the confirmed number of breaches within the SMB in 2018 alone.

Most executives recognize action needs to be taken and 77% of them have concluded outsourcing their security to a specialized firm is the best response strategy.

Our Virtual Red Team model was designed from the ground up to help SMB’s address several of these issues in one flexible, affordable, and effective package.

We incorporate a fractionalized CISO model to provide the benefits associated with having Chief Information Security and Privacy Officers on retainer, while the remainder of the Red Team acts as a well-equipped supporting staff of professionals; both of which are typically beyond the budget for a majority of the organizations within the SMB.

This Virtual Red Team can be tailored to the unique needs of each organization and its respective program, ensuring proficiency and efficiency from your Red Team.

The bottom line is that for less than the cost of one internal employee, you gain access to a broad range of cybersecurity and Privacy professionals who know what to do, when to do it, and, most importantly, why they are doing it. Click the contact us button to start building your Virtual Red Team.