The Journey to Resiliency

There is a tired cliche which states that achieving compliance does not ensure security. This truism is typically offered as a “you have achieved this but not that” argument for almost every necessary element of a cyber program but misses the larger point.Compliance and security are necessary but not sufficient. The ultimate goal is resilience.

The SMB Cybersecurity Challenge from a Warfighter’s Perspective...

There is an old military proverb that states “Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals talk about logistics.” We believe that far too many cybersecurity firms fixated on the tactics of technology and frameworks. Every cyber company has access to the same frameworks, technology, and can recruit and train similar talent; however, only when the benefits associated with these capabilities coalesce with informed governance and program management can resiliency be obtained.

Cyber criminals and other bad actors operate under many of the same paradigms as insurgents and other asymmetric threats. General McCrystal is one of the world’s leading experts in counterinsurgency, and his seminal work, Team of Teams, serves as our playbook for moving beyond the ineffectual, IT-centric approach prevalent within the SMB. Cybersecurity is more than just a team sport. It is a Team of Teams sport. Our transformation process addresses the critical linkage between the governance team and the tactical teams focused on execution. We start with your organizational strategy, isolating the essential capabilities and capacities requisite for its execution. We then focus on the key logistics of reinforcement, narrowing both the talent and program management gaps. We do this through the introduction of our Virtual Red Team in addition to Purple Team collaboration, reinforcing your IT function and closing the talent gap. Our multi-disciplinary, pre-integrated program plan keeps progress deliberate and managed, leading to an eventual true resilience.

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