Purple Teaming

Protection through Partnership

To understand the Purple Team process, it is essential to first understand the definitions of the Red and Blue Teams. Traditionally, Blue Teams are considered solely as IT functions; however, this restrictive definition is remarkably inaccurate, as the Blue Team actually consists of anyone who manages technology within the organization. From members of the marketing team who manage web properties to those who set restrictions on the firewall, all are members of a Blue Team.

Our independent Virtual Red Team is the security-focused group who interacts with your company’s cyber posture from the perspective of the bad actor. We are responsible for the cybersecurity program design all the way down to continuously evaluating your digital infrastructure for vulnerabilities and risks in order to help the Blue Team proactively protect the organizations most valuable assets. The Purple Teaming process is the first step in digital transformation

Digital transformation involves the coupling of orchestrated and efficient red and blue team initiatives, with an informed and engaged C-suite; which ensures change at a pace best suited for you and your organization. The collaboration between these segregated entities is what defines our Purple Teaming process; and this segregation is essential. Differentiating the responsibilities and powers of each group preserves the fresh and honest perspectives required for securing your environment.

However, it’s important to note that we supplement, never supplant your current Blue Team. Overseeing both groups is your C-suite: your team of executives is ultimately responsible for decision making and governance. This synergistic Purple Team approach guarantees your C-suite is informed and engaged; empowering your executives to make the best decisions the right way, keeping you, your organization, and your customers safe in an increasingly unsafe digital world.